About this website

About this website

This website was created following long discussions by a group of consumers from the Facebook group called ‘CAPS: Mental Health Consumer Advocates and Peer Support network’.

We decided that enough was enough: we were sick of waiting for someone else to create our national association.

Consumers need a national voice now. And we need to find that voice for ourselves.

So, on the 9th November 2015, this site was born.

We hope that before long, this website is replaced by the official website of the new, independent Australian mental health consumer association. For now, we have a virtual, unofficial national association.

Until then, this site will be administered by a small committee of consumer volunteers who are passionate about making this association become real. We acknowledge that we have appointed ourselves into this role, and we claim no greater knowledge or right to this role than any other consumer. We invite all consumers across Australia to nominate themselves to take part in this work, and we will very happily pass on these roles to others once we have an agreed democratic process to select an official committee.

For now, committee volunteers are still being worked out.


The site was built by a Victorian consumer/survivor and mental health advocate, Indigo Daya.

A message from Indigo:

I built this site as a gift to the consumer/survivor movement of Australia. We are still so fragmented, and so in need of a united, national voice. It seemed like we had no place to come together. I hope that this site might become that place.

This place belongs to all of us, and I explicitly give up any implied or other type of copyright or ownership. My only purpose in doing this work is to contribute what I can to the building and strengthening of the united voice of consumers/survivors.

I’ll continue to administer and pay for the site for as long as needed. I am lucky enough to be in the situation to be able to do this, and I know all too well that not all of us are (I certainly couldn’t have done this in the past). It’s a privilege to be able to do what I can. And I know that before long, many, many others will join in this giving.

I will happily give up this role if or when the subscribers of the site decide otherwise. When we create our official national organisation, this site might be taken over by that organisation, or it might be replaced by a new site.

I hope you make this site your own, because it is yours.