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Help for technical issues
Why should I register?
How to register
Activating your account
How to log in
User name or password doesn’t work / forgotten
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Using discussion forums
Voting on decisions
Consumer information & resources
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Who owns this site?

Help for technical issues

If you have any technical queries or issues about the site, please reply to this email, or complete the contact form.

Why should I register?

You need to be logged into the site in order to:

  • See the content of most discussion forums
  • Join in and have your say in the discussion forums
  • Vote to make decisions about the future association
  • It’s free to register
  • The more members we have, the more influential we can be

How to register

Click on this link to go straight to the registration form. Just complete the details in the form and then lick on the ‘submit’ button.

Weird question on form?
The form will include a question that seems a little odd, for example: “What colour is snow?” This is a security measure to stop hacker robots and spammers from getting into the site. The idea is that only a real person can answer these questions, and it helps to keep our site secure. Please just answer any odd questions like this. Eg, for the sample question above, you would type: “white”.

Activating your user account

When you have registered you will get an email from the site that asks you to click on a link to activate your user account. This is another way to keep the site secure.

If you didn’t see this email, check in your email spam folder. If you still can’t find it, and you need it, contact us and we can send you another activation link.

Problems with activation?
About 10% of people using the site have gotten an error message when they clicked on the activation link. In most cases, even though they got an error message, the activation still worked, and they were able to log in. So, if this has happened to you, please see if you can log in. If you can’t, please email me and we’ll try to sort it out.

A few people also reported that they couldn’t log in from a mobile phone, but it worked OK when they used a computer. We haven’t been able to work out why this is happening yet. We have tested the site from several different types of mobile phone and they all worked. But if it’s happened to you, please contact us and tell us the type of phone you are using as this might help us work it out. In the meantime, try logging in from a computer.

How to log in

Logging in should be simple. There’s a green login button at the top right-hand side of the webpage. Just click on it and enter your user name and password that you created when you registered.

User name or password doesn’t work / forgotten

If you forget your password, click on the green login button and you can click on a link have it sent to you again.

If the site tells you that you have the wrong user name, please check that you are not putting any spaces in your name (even if you typed a space when you registered, this will have been deleted) and that you are using the same cases (lower case and/or upper case) as when you registered.

Any problems,please contact us.

Using the site

There are already loads of different parts to the page, and more will be coming over time – based on what we all decide we want and need.

The different parts to the site can be summarised like this:

· Your member details
· Social media activity
· Discussion forums (most are visible all the time, but some can only be seen when you log in)
· Voting on decisions (you can only see these when logged in)
· Consumer information (we want you to help us develop this)
· Consumer stories and articles (still in development)
· Pages about creating the association

Your member details

Every site user has a member account, kind of like Facebook. Once you’re logged in you’ll see a little ‘face’ icon and a green arrow at the top of the screen. Click on the green down arrow and you do loads of stuff, like:

Basic editing:

  • Click on ‘edit profile’ to change your personal information and what people can see about you
  • Click on ‘change photo’ to upload an image for your account. It might be a photo of you, it might be anything…
  • Click on ‘settings’ to change your email address or password
  • Click on ‘logout’ when you’re finished (as if you’ll ever be finished on this site!)

Connect with other consumers on the site:

  • Click on your user name and a new screen will open. In here you can see all of your activity on the site, including friends, private messages to friends, and your discussions within forums.
  • Go to the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on ‘registration’, then on ‘site members’. In here you see all the people who have registered and then logged into the site at least once. You can invite people to be friends in here, and then you’re able to send them private messages.

Using discussion forums

Discussion forums are maybe the most important part of the site.

They are pages where we can have conversations about the things we care about. Basically, the forums are where the action happens.

TIP: When you start a new conversation it’s called a ‘topic’. When you comment on an existing topic it’s called a ‘reply’.

So far, the site has 22 discussion forums, organised into 2 groups. Very few people will have something to say on every forum. The idea is to choose the forums that matter to you, and to jump in and have your say.

Forums about building our association

Each forum in here is about a different aspect that we need to discuss and agree on in order to create our official association. For example, one forum is called membership, and it’s where we can discuss who should be able to be a member of the association, and who shouldn’t. How will we define who is a consumer, and why?

Two important forums that all member should know about are these:

  • Volunteering, committees & contributions forum: This is where we’ll ask each other for help in things that need doing for the association and on the website. And if you have a skills or some resources you’d like to volunteer, this is where you can offer it.
  • Website ideas & contributions forum: If you have an idea for how to improve the website, this is where you can share it. Parts of the site are still needing some consumers to write up more content – so if you want to help out, this is where you can share this as well.

Forums about consumer communities & conversations

These are the sorts of forums that will continue long after we have formed the association.

They include things like what we think about mental health and recovery, consumer workforce forums, and even one for consumer language and philosophy. There is a forum in here that is about asking for and/or providing mutual support to other site users. There is also a forum for consumers to share ideas about the NDIS.

Getting started in forums is easy.

Click on a forum name that interests you, and you can see all the topics that are in the forum, who started them, and how many replies there are. You can click on a topic to read the other comments and have your own say.

Or, you can start your own topic in the little form at the bottom of your screen when you’re in the forums.

We’ll probably change and add different forums over time – so if you have a view on this, why not share it in the website ideas and contributions forum?

Voting on decisions

We’re testing out the idea of interactive votes on the website, to see what people think about different issues.

Join in the votes to have your say. You can find current votes in two places: on the Decision Making page, and also in the sidebar to the right of all pages.

Remember no issue will have a vote on the site without there also being a space to talk about the issue in a discussion forum.

You have to be logged in to complete polls.

Consumer information & resources

The menu has a section called Info and Resources, and this includes a whole list of pages that aim to provide information by consumers, for consumers. Over time, this section should grow significantly – but we will all have to chip in to develop it.

Info and resources pages are different to the forums because they are ‘static’, rather than interactive conversations. But we can still comment on a page, or include polls on them if we want to. A few of the pages in this section include:

· Top consumer issues: A page to write about the big issues in mental health that we care about

· Australian consumers: A listing of Australian consumer blogs and websites

· Consumer communities: A list of existing consumer organisations in Australia, like CAGS and consumer peer support organisations.

Check out the info and resources pages, and share your thoughts on them in the forums. And if you’d like to help us develop some more content for them, that would be awesome!

Consumer stories and articles

The site has a draft page that will be developed over the coming weeks, called Stories and Articles Blog.

The page is still under development, but once finished, it will allow logged in users to submit articles and personal stories to be shared. Hopefully this page will become a very meaningful resource to all of us.

While it’s being finished, have a think if you have a written story or article from a consumer perspective that you’d like to submit to this page.

About the Association

The site has some pages dedicated to creating our official organisation. While this website is obviously real, as yet we still don’t have an official organisation or association (but we will!). These pages talk about creating the association, and are where we’ll report on progress.

This section includes:

  • Why we need an association: A discussion about why this association is so important
  • Where we’ve been: A summary of the enormous work conducted over more than five years by many consumers to create a national association. All of the work from this past project is included here. Don’t waste it – check out the ideas and resources.
  • How we get there: A high level plan for what we need to do to make the association real. Includes a step by step plan, with links back to relevant forums.
  • Decision making and voting: A page that will include all decisions made, and all current past votes on decisions.
  • Local meetings: A page to coordinate local meetings about the associations

Who owns this website?

The members of this site own it.

The site was set up by Indigo Daya, a Melbourne-based consumer, however Indigo has gifted the site to the Australian consumer movement. Read more here.