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    Product name: Intelligent electric toilet cover membrane switch panel
    Product structure: Line + + + on the surface of the panel adhesive glue line + + rubber septa
    Basic technical parameters: Electrical properties
    1, working voltage: 50VDC 5, the substrate voltage: 2kDVC
    2, working current: less than 100mA 6, the return time: less than 6ms
    3, 0.5~10 / S97 7, loop resistance: 50 Omega, 150 ohm, 350 ohm gear, or the user needs to determine
    4, insulation resistance: 100M ohm (100VDC) 8, insulation ink pressure: 100VDC
    Mechanical properties
    1, reliability and service life of more than 1 million times: 5, silver line no oxidation, no impurities
    2, closed: 0.1~0.4mm displacement (no touch) 0.4~1.0mm 6, silver line width is larger than 0.3mm, * * * small interval 0.3mm, line edge < 1/3 < 1/4, line gap width
    3, health standard for power: 15~750g 7, the standard 2.54 pin spacing 1.27 1.25mm 2.50
    4, silver migration: temperature at 55 DEG C, 90%, 56 hours, two lines of 10M. /50VDC 8, lead wire resistance curve, with d = 10mm steel rod line pressure of 80 times continuously.
    Product characteristics and uses The thin film switch has a good waterproof, dustproof, anti oil, anti erosion of harmful gases, stable and reliable performance, light weight, small volume, long service life, convenient assembly, the panel can be washed without injury characters, rich colors, beautiful, colorful, flexible design, character pattern is not damaged, can be fully reflect the designer and product itself personalized style, small volume, light weight, long service life. The environmental adaptability: working temperature: -30 to 70 DEG C storage temperature: -40 to 70 DEG C Household Electrical Appliances Membrane Switch factory