Decision making & voting

Decision making & voting

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Part of making our association real will involve making decisions. What will we be called? Who can be a member? What is our purpose? There will eventually be hundreds of decisions.

How we make these decisions will be important to ensure that we are inclusive and respectful of difference. As consumers, we don’t want to replicate decision-making processes in the mental health system that exclude people, or are dominated by people in power, or dominant ways of thinking. Here, it’s important that everyone has a say and that diverse views are respected.

This page will be used for making our decisions. Over time it will include our agreed decision making process, and it will include polls or votes. No decision will come to a vote on this page without first being discussed in the forums.

Current surveys & votes

Survey of all Members

We sent out a survey to all members this month (March 2016), asking two important questions:

1. How do you want to be involved?
2. Should the consumer workforce be part of our purpose?

The survey also has an open question to give feedback or share ideas.

This survey is really important to help us get started on some important work – please take the 5-15 minutes to answer it if you can.


Complete the survey here
Check out results of the survey so far

Past polls, votes & surveys

Vote: How will we make decisions?

The poll looked at how we wanted to make decisions about creating our association. It was an important first step, although the results were inconclusive:
Even though the most popular option was a ‘large majority vote’ (more than 75%), we didn’t get 75% of people choosing this option. A big group of people also voted for a ‘large majority vote plus a veto option’

What type of voting should we use to make decisions about our association?

For now, this is a proposed decision making process while we continue to explore a model that works for all, or almost all, of us:

  • Whenever a vote is set up to make a decision, all members of the site will be emailed
  • There will be a 2 week deadline for voting. We will send a final reminder email 24 hours before the vote ends.
  • We require 75% agreement from everyone who votes during that time, for the vote to be passed.
  • We require at least 10% of total site members to have voted for it to be valid.
  • We agree that this process is used only for the next 6 months and then we review it again.
  • Our decision making processes will be reviewed again at the end of 30 June 2016.
  • Given that significant group of people preferred having a ‘veto option’ (eg, if 5% of people disagree so strongly with a decision that they would want to leave the association, then the decision is blocked and goes back for more discussion) then we will allow space for vetos as well.



Vote: Should discussion forums be public or private?

This poll was created in response to some members not feeling safe to speak in forums because of restrictions from their employers. As a result of this poll all forums were made private towards the end of 2015.

I support making all forums private for now

Got more to say?

If you’d like to share ideas in more detail about how we should make decisions, join the Decision Making Discussion Forum.