Local meetings

We need consumers to organise local meetings across Australia.

Local meetings will:

  • Spread the word and the excitment about our own, independent association
  • Provide a space to talk face-to-face in more depth about consumer issues
  • Make us more inclusive and accessible. Not everyone will find this website useful. Some people won’t have computer experience, or may lack access to computers, or have other reasons that make this site difficult to access.
  • Build stronger local consumer communities and networks
  • Give us more information about what consumers across the nation want


shadow smallCan you organise a local meeting in your area?

We need consumers across Australia to get together, spread the word, and speak up for what we want. That means we need some people to step up and volunteer to coordinate a meeting in their own local area.

Can you do this?

If you can help, here’s 3 steps to get you started…

1. Plan your meeting

a. Register as a local meeting organiser here (just tell us your name and the area you want to organise a meeting in). We’ll list areas that have a meeting being organised in this area, so people know whether or not something is happening.

List of areas where meetings are being organised:

– NSW, Inner Sydney (Organiser: Doug)

– QLD, Mackay (Organiser: Lindy)

– QLD, Wide Bay/Fraser Coast/Bundabery (Organiser: CM)

b. Download our guide to help you organise a local consumer community meeting.
Download guide here: PDF Version (504kb) | Word Version (378kb)

  • Please note this guide is a draft document – we want your feedback about how to improve it (click here to give feedback).
  • And remember it’s just a guide, not a set of rules. You, and the members at your meeting, ultimately decide what they want to do, and how.

c. For more advice about organising a meeting, ask a question in the Local Meetings Forum. This forum is a space for anyone interested in local meetings to talk about what they need and how they are going.


2. Promote your meeting

Once you’re ready, tell us the details of your meeting and we’ll list it on the calendar on this page.

Other consumers from your area can get this information and help promote the meeting.

Submit details of your local meeting on this form.


3. Share what people said

Once you’ve had your first meeting, upload what people said here.



Calendar of local consumer meetings across Australia

No meetings available on the calendar yet. Be the first to submit a meeting!