Discussion Forums

Forums are places to discuss issues and share ideas with other consumers. They are a little bit like Facebook, but limited to this website, and just for us.

Anyone can read the forums, but you will need to subscribe if you want to contribute to a conversation. Subscribing is free and easy – read more here.

Forums about creating the association

forums - smallVisit the association forums.
Join conversations with other consumers to discuss what we want for our national association. Different discussion boards are set up for a variety of subjects that we need to address before we can officially begin our association. From time to time we’ll hold online votes to make decisions about different topics.

Forums for consumer communities of interest

Visit the consumer community forums.
These are the forums where we just get on with consumer conversations about the issues and subjects that affect us.

Join discussions about human rights and consumer politics, peer work practice, share in mutual online support, consumer research, discuss language and consumer perspectives, share news and ideas, and network with other consumers and consumer workers from around the country.

“One little person can always make a big difference.”

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Current consumer community forums include:

  • Professional practice & networking forums
    • All consumer workforce
    • Consumer consultants and advocates
    • Consumer peer workers
    • Consumer academics
    • Consumer speakers and educators
    • Consumer team leaders, supervisors & managers
    • Consumer policy advisors, commissioners
    • Consumers on participation committees

There is also a private forum for subscribers only, for sharing tips about the NDIS.